akbarAbout Me!

My name is Akbar Erabiyan, 3d artist. Currently based in Vancouver , Canada.
I have over 9 years of experience working in 3D Modelling including sculpting, modeling and texturing of high poly and low poly characters, hard surface, and creature for animation and game studios. I am adept at using ZBrush, Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Mari software.

I have a strong desire to be the best in my field and possess a wealth of qualifications across all levels. I am constantly trying to learn new software, tools and technologies to improve my art skills to achieve my desired CG art level.

Summary of Qualifications

• Strong understanding of artistic anatomy and form, both human and creature.
• Self-taught artist with ability to adapt, improve and learn new workflow and tools.
• High experience with problem solving and creative solutions.
• Organized and managed timelines to ensure all works are completed and submitted on schedule.
• Revised, edited and modified sketches or models as indicated by the director or creative team.


• Sculpting high resolutions character in Zbrush.
• Modeling quickly and efficiently in Maya and 3Ds Max.
• Uving complex models inside of Maya and Headus UV Layout.
• Painting textures for characters and props inside of Zbrush, Photoshop ,3D Coat and Mari.
• Quickly remesh models inside of ZBrush, Maya and Topogun.
• Generating maps (Displacement, Normal, AO, etc.) inside of Zbrush, Xnormal.


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